Outback Motortek Triumph Tiger 900 – Protection Combo Black

Outback Motortek Triumph Tiger 900 – Protection Combo Black


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Protection Combo for Triumph Tiger 900 Rally, *900 Rally PRO, GT, GT PRO and 850 Sport.

Crash Bars

  • Reliable protection for fairing, radiator, engine case and other parts of the engine.
  • Our crash bars' design is based on the philosophy that less is often more, hence we created a compact, sturdy set of crash bars that do not reach far away from its mounting points. This system perfectly complements the sporty, aggressive lines of the Triumph Tiger 900.
  • *Not compatible with the original Triumph crash bars.

Skid Plate

  • Outback Motortek offers protection for your Triumph Tiger's engine and its components such as the oil pan, exhaust header, oil cooler which may be badly exposed during off-roading without our skid plates. Protect your investment by investing into our engine protection.

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Crash Bars

  • Quality 25mm steel tube with 2mm wall thickness – After drop testing crash bars for the past 4 years, we've that tubing with these specs are superior to anything else!

  • Less is often more. We've utilized the strongest crash bars' mounting points while keeping the structure compact for overall strength.

  • Hybrid solution. The new Triumph Tiger 900 - just like the Tiger 800 and the BMW F850GS - the engine and frame provide the combination of the toughest mounting points for our crash bars. It's been tested and proven over the years.

  • Powder coated – combined with sandblasting it’s a killer combination to protect your product’s surface. No frills and tough just like your ADV/Dual Sport bike!

  • 6kg/13lbs


Crash bars: Compatible with Rally/Rally PRO,GT/GT Low/GT PRO and 850 Sport models of Triumph Tiger 900 (2020-2023.)

Skid Plate

  • Protects crucial areas of the engine – oil pan, oil cooler, oil filter and exhaust header! That’s a long list of very expensive parts to expose to any sort of damage that will reduce your bikes value in no time.

  • Uniquely designed vent system – No unnecessary holes were designed on this bash plate. As a result, your engine will less likely to overheat when mud and all sorts of debris from off-roading fly at the engine and get stuck between the skid plate and the engine/exhaust header.

  • Shaped to deflect – Thanks to its shape, our Triumph Tiger 900 can deflect trailside objects such as rocks, stumps, logs etc.

  • 4mm thick laser cut aluminum – Nothing is ever an overkill on an adventure bike, hence we choose to build our bash plates from this ridiculously tough and thick, yet lightweight material.

  • Powder coated – combined with sandblasting it’s a killer combination to protect your product’s surface. No frills and tough just like your ADV/Dual Sport bike!


Skid plate: 2020-2023 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally/*900 Rally PRO, GT/GT Low/GT PRO and 850 Sport. *Not confirmed to be compatible with the original Triumph crash bars.

Confirmed to be compatible with OEM Triumph Tiger 900 centre stand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Damon Oriente
Good bars, but concerns about parts and service.

Some issues: Lower right side bar did not fit at upper mounting point behind exhaust, as forward end mounting tab too tight- adjusted with a hammer.

Info. relevant to other models missing. Tiger 850; footpegs need to be removed to access lower engine through bolt; spacer on the upper right side of the engine mounting critical. A single sheet of paper with model-specific notes needed in addition to the videos.

My emails to the owner expressing my concerns were largely dismissed as complaints, but we did settle out amicably in the end. I never in my emails asked for compensation or anything for free.

Later I found that the upper left side bolt, M10x67mm, broke inside the mounting point. I emailed the owner, but received no reply. Additionally, DSP does not appear to have any replacement parts for this bolt. Not good.

I trust the effectiveness of the bars. I'm concerned about the bolt breakage, the lack of easy replacement parts, and the follow up communication.

Pablo Castillo
No matching parts

I received one of the skid plate attachments in different color and they haven't said if they going to send the correct one, so far.

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