For 2023 we have four tours on offer:

  • Baja, Mexico March 24th - April 2nd 2023
  • Yukon & Alaska June 10th - 18th 2023
  • Colorado July 21st - 29th 2023
  • New Discovery / North East BDR September 9th - 16th 2023

Yes. Dualsport Plus has full TICO certification for our tours. 

All tours are booked personally with our tour manager, Clint MacBride. His contact information is clint@dualsportplus.com or by calling 888-990-9013.

At this point we do not offer rental bikes. The great thing about our tours is that you get to enjoy them on your own bike. Aside from the New Discovery NEBDR, we ship your bike to and from the start/finish destination so it's there waiting for you when you arrive. This means you don't need to take an extra 2 weeks away in order to get to the good riding.

Please see each tour's Terms & Conditions for bike drop-off dates. The general timeframe is 14-10 days before the tour starting date.

For safety reasons we do not allow pillion passengers on our tours. 

You are responsible for booking your return flight to our start / finish destination on the tours. 

  • For Baja this is Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
  • For Yukon & Alaska it is Whitehorse, YT. 
  • For Colorado it is Denver, Colorado.
  • For New Discover NEBDR we ride our bikes from southern Ontario to the starting point.

Each tour is priced individually. Please check the specific tour pages terms and conditions for full pricing and payment details.

None of our tours have camping. We stay in hotels, motels, or cabins each night. 

Yes, all tours have not only a sweep rider, but also a chase truck with tools, supplies, tires, and even an spare motorcycle.

We recommend all tour participants have an intermediate or higher level of competency on their bike. You need to be able to ride rocky sections, including loose rock uphill and downhill; muddy, rutted trails and slick mud on the road; gravel roads, including switchbacks and at height; long expanses of gravel at highway speed to mesh with traffic; moderate water crossings; on and off ferries; narrow wooden bridges; U-turns on tarmac and loose surfaces. 

As a matter of safety, we recommend having a discussion with Clint about your riding level before booking our tours. We pride ourselves on offering TRUE adventure tours, but the adventure can be less enjoyable if riders are not prepared for the riding and terrain conditions.

As our tours are adventure based, we recommend having an adventure bike with the legs to travel at highway speed and grunt to handle moderate trail riding. 

Common bikes on our tours include: 

  • KTM 790, 890, and 1290 
  • Honda CRF1000L and CRF1100L
  • Yamaha Tenere 700 
  • BMW R1200 and R1250 GS/A, F800GS/A, F750 or 850GS/A
  • Triumph Tiger 850 and 900
  • Husqvarna 701 Enduro and Norden 901

We recommend always wearing gear that offers you the highest level of protection. That means full CE rated armour in pants and jacket, ECE and DOT rated helmet, tall boots with rigid ankle protection, and reinforced, armoured gloves. 

Rain protection is also recommended, whether it is built into a Gore-Tex Klim suit or an over-layer from Rev'It! or Scott. We sell all of these items in our shop and would be happy to suit you up for your tour. 

There are plenty of accessories you can install on your bike. We sell hundreds and are always happy to chat with you about what would be best for your riding style and travel plans. Consider investing in the following items and if you would like to talk to the experts please give us a call. We not only sell all these products, but we can arrange to install them on your bike as well.

  • Crash protection from Outback Motortek, AltRider, Camel ADV, SW-Motech, or Givi 
  • Hand guards from Barkbusters
  • Heated grips by Oxford (these are nice to have in the Yukon & Alaska!)
  • Wider or more aggressive foot pegs by AltRider, Camel ADV, or IMS
  • Side stand enlarger and rear brake dual control system from AltRider
  • Headlight guards from AltRider
  • Doubletake mirrors so you won't break your stock mirrors

The million dollar question! For our tours we recommend at least a 50/50 on-road / off-road tire. We sell lots of these and if you want to chat about it (for hours) just give us a ring. Some of the tires we would recommend for our tours (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41
  • Continental TKC80
  • Dunlop Trailmax Mission
  • Heidenau K60 or K60 Scout
  • Michelin Anakee Wild 
  • Mitas E07, E07+, or E07 Dakar
  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure or Tractionator GPS
  • Shinko E804/805 or E704/705

You will need luggage on your bike for all our tours, however, we will be able to carry a small amount of gear in our chase truck. Please prepare to carry 90% of what you need on your bike with you.

The great thing about our tours is that you are welcome to ride at your own pace because the sweep rider and chase truck are always behind you. 

For the Colorado and New Discovery NEBDR Tours you are required to have your own GPS and we will provide you tracks for the full tour.

As a matter of safety, you must have a GPS for these tours in case you are separated significantly from the group. You will need to either be able to route your way back or inform us of where you are so we can assist you. 

Yes, we provide the tracks for each day for the Colorado and New Discovery NEBDR trips. GPS units are required for all participants on these tours and for the Yukon & Alaska and Baja we also recommend you bring your GPS with you.

As a matter of safety, you must have a GPS for Colorado and New Discovery NEBDR tours in case you are separated significantly from the group. You will need to either be able to route your way back or inform us of where you are so we can assist you. 


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