AltRider Skid Plate for the BMW R 1250 GS /GSA - With Mounting Bracket
AltRider Skid Plate for the BMW R 1250 GS /GSA - With Mounting Bracket

AltRider Skid Plate for the BMW R 1250 GS /GSA - With Mounting Bracket


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Order the Crash Bars and Skid Plate for the water cooled R 1250 GS together as one system here.

If you've already installed the AltRider Crash Bars mounting brackets are not required. Choose Without Brackets in the dropdown to the right.

With 136 horsepower the R 1250 GS's updated water boxer motor is an impressive machine. All that power flying down the trail can produce some tough hits to the bottom of a 550 pound motorcycle requiring much heftier protection than the thin stock plate.

Like the AltRider crash bars the AltRider skid plate was updated for the R 1250 GS. To maintain greater ground clearance a flat plate of 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) anodized aluminum is utilized with no bolts on the bottom side to snag. This patent pending mounting system allows the move from the AltRider original corrugated design saving over 1 inch (25.4 mm) of ground clearance. The plate was designed to be extremely narrow at the bottom to maintain the great cornering ability of the bike. It is a one piece unit that provides tire to tire protection. From the leading front corner of the headers to just before the rear tire the entire bottom side of the motor is shielded from impact. Even the catalytic converter is safeguarded. There are no gaps in protection or plastic pieces to break and no parts to continually repurchase--just one smooth 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) plate that provides complete coverage. In an effort to maintain simplicity AltRider designed the skid plate so it doesn't require removal to change the oil on the bike.

The AltRider skid plate is the only design on the market that doesn't rely on the engine as a mounting point. The inherent weakness of all other current designs is that they use the motor itself as an anchor point. No matter the number or complexity of brackets they still transfer impact directly to the motor. The front of the AltRider plate gets its brute strength from 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) stainless steel brackets that mount directly to the frame. The brackets are secured with the two sturdy M12 torx frame bolts preventing the flange from pivoting on impact. Another key innovation of the AltRider design are the rear mounting points. Other plates attach to the frame cross member below the swing arm using thin or complicated brackets. These long brackets have more leverage allowing impacts to create shearing or bending forces that break the mount. The AltRider skid plate is held in place with two custom machined fasteners that replace the OEM center stand pins which are actually composite and hollow not steel or aluminum. By mounting to the outside edges of the skid plate we create the maximum triangulation yielding a very stable skid plate to resist twisting into the bike when hitting rocks on the outside edges. Be aware if you mount to the center of the skid plate in the rear you lose all triangulation allowing the plate to twist into the bike upon impact. This mounting system is an industry first that provides an extremely clean look while remaining very powerful and simple to install.

The one piece skid plate is simple to install and all stainless steel hardware is provided.

  • AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) hand TIG welded anodized aluminum
  • Protects entire bottom side of the liquid cooled motor including headers and catalytic converter
  • Oil change does not require removal of skid plate
  • One piece unit that provides tire to tire protection
  • Available in silver or black
  • Patent pending
  • Also compatible with R 1250 GS Adventure HP and Exclusive models

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Solid, mounted perfectly.

Looks good as far as bash plates go.

Haven't tested it with any hard hits but looks robust, mounts well, all brackets line up perfectly, has good coverage. Stock plate is very flimsy
and mounts on Goofy brackets.

Troy Jaeger
Heavy Duty produced, great quality

Dual sport plus was awesome! Best price in Canada!
The skid plate was for the 1250 GS Adventure. The skid plate is well built and I really like that it is designed so that impacts are not transfer to the engine case!! Installation was a little more difficult than I would have liked because of the BMW original crash bars....You have to loosen all 12 bolts (Remove 4)and once you do my crash bars needed a far bit of force to line up the front 2 Bolts (Not Altriders fault)...Over all very Happy