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Garmin Zumo XT Security Lock
Garmin Zumo XT Security Lock
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Garmin Zumo XT Security Lock

For the Garmin Zumo XT, XT2 and Garmin Tread 5.5 GPS Units ***Note - If you have purchased the Group Ride Radio add on module, the antenna interferes with the locking mechanism***

Get peace of mind for your GPS investment!

The MotoPumps® Security Lock installs between the Garmin Zumo powered cradle and your chosen GPS mount that attaches to your motorcycle. The lock is thin enough that it allows you to re-use the stock mounting hardware included with your GPS mount. The security pin locks the GPS in place on the powered cradle that came with your Zumo XT and prevents the release plunger from being depressed. Installation takes a matter of minutes on any GPS mount compatible with the Garmin Zumo XT.

A few quick turns of the 304 stainless steel security pin with it’s proprietary security key and you can lock or unlock your GPS. The billet 6061 aluminum plate is light, robust, corrosion resistant and unobtrusive.

The Garmin Zumo XT Security Lock by MotoPumps® includes the security lock, security pin and two security keys. Extra pins and keys are available as options in the pull down menu.

The Zumo XT is a great GPS from Garmin, worlds ahead of the previous generation Zumo models, but Garmin left off an important feature. Earlier Zumos had a security or anti-tamper screw that made it harder for someone to snatch your GPS when left on the bike during a stop. Garmin bothered with no such feature on the Zumo XT.

When I first got the XT, a couple of things stood out. The screen- awesome! So much better than the 450/550, 395/6, 590 and 660/665 models.... The early production Garmin powered cradle latch did not instill confidence, but is actually quite secure in practice. The newest ones engage with a solid click. Nice. The bad news, there is no lock or anti-tamper device as delivered by Garmin.

Looking around at locking mounts and security locks on the market and there are only a couple of choices -- one is HUGE and HEAVY! It actually weighs almost twice as much as the GPS alone. One is just a bit clunky, uses a traditional key and is unfortunately hard to come by in the US. One is pretty small, but ungodly expensive.

The design goal for us is a security lock that makes it hard to steal the GPS when you leave it on bike for a few minutes while you get gas, or eat lunch or take a leak... It needs to be sleek, elegant, light, robust and unobtrusive. It needs to be easy and quick to use and not break the bank. It needs to work with any mount that fits the Garmin XT powered Motorcycle AMPS pattern base.

With that design goal, and the help of a half dozen real world riders having input and doing active testing for us, we created the MotoPumps® Zumo XT Security Lock.

From Evans Brasfield of Motorcycle.com:
"I was concerned that the Garmin zūmo XT is so easy to remove. While it mounts securely, it also can be removed in a second with the simple push of a button, making this expensive device extremely vulnerable at gas and food stops when the bike is momentarily out of sight. After looking around at other pricey and bulky locking systems, I found a simple, clever locking system from MotoPumps. Installing in just minutes, the Garmin zūmo XT Security Lock By MotoPumps is light, easy to use, and is hidden from sight when I’m riding – all for $69. I really appreciate an ingenious solution to a vexing problem."
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Review by RTWPaul on ADVRider
“They designed it like this for simplicity and lightness. There wasn’t and still isn’t a need for a big cage around the device. There’s no need for rubber dampeners to cut vibration; that has all been designed into the unit. When new ZumoXT arrived and most riders who had previously owned a Zumo expected a similar security arrangement, but they got nothing from Garmin. Then the complaints started about the mount being weak and not secure; stories of units popping out of the mount are not uncommon. Even though I have over 50,000 miles with a ZumoXT, I have never had the issue personally because I always double-check the tightness before I ride away—but this didn’t stop me from looking for a way to secure it. After all, small, easy-to-steal GPS units costing $500 or more could be a thief’s dream come true. MotoPumps founder Rob, saw this and jumped on the task. There were a few mounts available on the market already, but one had supply chain issues to the US, and the other, well it’s just that big cage thing all over again! He followed Garmin’s lead and went the simple route, spending more time on sleek functional design rather than mass and weight to scare a potential thief away. If someone wants to steal anything from you and they are determined it will happen; this is just a way to keep honest people honest.”

Video short review by Dork in the Road

***Known Fitment Issue***

  • Avoid RAM Part#: RAM-B-202U UPC:793442002137 Interference with security pin. Solution: Use this part instead: Part#: RAM-B-347U UPC:793442907623 (this part is included with your Garmin Zumo XT GPS from the factory)
  • Wunderlich Integrated GPS Mount Part # 8600888 Solution - Remove top ears on mount or insert washers to create clearance for edge of security lock.
  • Rally Raid GPS Mount RRP 643 Solution - Remove top ears on mount or insert washers to create clearance for edge of security lock.

A Better GPS Mount with Added Security

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