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Camel ADV Products - T7 High Exhaust Kit - Rally Bend
Camel ADV Products - T7 High Exhaust Kit - Rally Bend
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NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: This is a special order item and may not be in stock. Please call to check stock or expect a lead time of 5-10 days for delivery.


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Camel ADV Products - T7 High Exhaust Kit - Rally Bend

There are so many things to love about the Yamaha 700 Tenere! Unfortunately, the exhaust is a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation. It looks and sounds amazing but it has a dark side. It's located low and wide and is mounted on a very long exhaust hanger that's welded to the subframe. When the bike is dropped on the right side, the mount can be bent which allows the muffler to be pushed into the side of the swingarm. If it is not bent back before being ridden, the aluminum swingarm gets chewed up by the steel muffler (see photo below). Adding insult to injury, if you bend the hanger enough times, it can crack at the subframe.

Having experienced the bent hanger and torn up swing arm personally, we came up with a new exhaust system the places the muffler up much higher and closer to the bike's centerline... out of harm's way. To achieve this, we had to make a new link pipe and a new bracket to shorten the very long stock muffler hanger which greatly reduces leverage it sees making it much less likely to be bent in a drop.

The kit includes:
  • TIG welded, 304 stainless, "Lobster-Back", link pipe with wire heel guards for both the rider and pillion.
  • Our anodized CNC billet 6061 aluminum clamp. This mounting bracket is simple to install and reduces the hanger length (and leverage by about 50%). *Patent Pending*
  • An *optional* stainless muffler with a carbon fiber end cap. This muffler is lightweight, durable, and sounds great! It includes a removable, "decibel killer", insert.
  • All fasteners, springs, exhaust clamp, graphite seal, and Camel ADV decals.

  • 2.1kg/4.5lbs lighter than the stock muffler and link pipe
  • Compatible with most pannier racks
  • Easy to install with basic hand tools

Pannier compatibility:
  • Yamaha OEM
  • Touratech Zega
  • SW Motech PRO
  • Ride ADV Solo racks
  • Rally Raid soft bag plates
  • ADV Spec soft bag plates (require 17mm spacers and longer bolts)
  • 2nd Gen Outback Motortek Symmetrical and Asymmetrical racks
  • Tusk
  • Mosko Moto Reckless series
  • Giant Loop

We're happy to announce a we now have a premium muffler upgrade available. You can now order your high exhaust kit with a Scorpion Red Power muffler! This muffler has many advantages over the base model unit.

Scorpion mufflers benefits:
  • Scorpion Redpower – 30 years of exhaust development
  • Hand-made in the United Kingdom
  • Acoustically developed sound
  • No repacking required
  • Dual tone exhaust note with removable db killer
  • Dyno tested for maximum riding enjoyment
  • No re-jetting or mapping
  • Lifetime guarantee (to the original purchaser)

*If you're ordering a kit without a muffler, consider purchasing a Black Widow SC30H or a Black Widow UN30H. The universal mufflers from Max Torque Cans are also great options. We have found these to be a good fit with our kit and a quality mufflers.*

Consider ordering a spark arrestor with your exhaust kit: 51mm Spark Arrestor

*If a Tail Tidy is being used, we strongly recommend the OEM incandescent signal lights be replaced with smaller LED units. The signal light heat shield supplied in the exhaust kit will not fully cover the large OEM signal so they can be melted with exhaust heat. The OEM signals are OK if the OEM tail section (not a Tail Tidy) is retained.

*This kit's hanger bracket is officially Patent Pending*

Scorpion sound clip video
Intro Video
Installation Overview

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