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KTM 1190 - Windshields - Starting at $380
KTM 1190 - Windshields - Starting at $380
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OUR PRICE: $380.00

Product Code: KTM-1190-WS


MadStad adjustable windshield for the KTM 1190/1290 Adventure Series

Fully adjustable height and tilt for smooth airflow and fantastic comfort!
Finally, amazing adjustable comfort for the KTM 1190/1290 Adventure. There is nothing else on the market that gives you total control over the shield position and airflow like our patented design. The factory shield goes up and down but it is too close to the bike, and sits too vertical. Want a huge improvement in comfort and smooth airflow? This is it.

Why do MadStad windshield systems work so well? Because we move the shield out from the fairing allowing it to scoop air up underneath. This eliminates the vacuum behind the shield which is what causes most of your turbulence in the first place. You don't need to wonder if this system will work for you; it is fully adjustable to your own height and riding position, and you can change it anytime you like! You can even flip the shield over 180 degrees to get it out of your way for off-road riding. Your bike will not require any modifications; the MadStad system will bolt right on in about 5 minutes.

This MadStad system consists of a pair of our easy-adjust Robo Knob brackets that bolt directly to the factory windshield supports. You won't have to use the factory height adjustment; our knob adjusters are more easily accessible and provide just as much height control. Plus, you can change the angle which makes a huge improvement!

Our windshield is designed with a wider bottom for better wind protection down low (as wide as it can be yet still clear of your hand guards at full lock) and is cut out nicely around the headlight to complement the look of the bike. We aren't going to make windshields in clear because clear plastic so close to the headlights will glow like crazy at night, and that can be very distracting. Instead, our Light-Gray tint gives you near-clear visibility but won't glow at night like a clear windshield would. Don't worry, you won't loose any visibility in the dark. Or choose from several other tints such as Bronze, Medium Gray, Dark Gray or Extra Dark. The bronze color is featured here in these photos.

SHIELD SIZE: If you are 5'7" to 5'10" tall (170 - 178 cm) we recommend our 18" shield. At 5'11" to 6'1" tall (180 - 185 cm) we recommend the 20" shield. Taller than that we have a 22" but the less plastic we can get away with, the better. We can go shorter to a 16" as well. For reference, the top edge of the 18" shield is 14" above the headlights when our brackets are in the lowest possible position. You can slide them up 2" from there, but if you need to go higher than that then choose the next taller shield size. Our system works best when the top edge of the shield is at about your chin or mouth level, sending all the airflow smoothly over your helmet while giving you a nice view over the top.

By the way, you can get the tall part of the shield out of your face for trail riding by simply flipping the shield around 180 degrees. Our symmetrical hole pattern lets you put the top of the shield down and the bottom of the shield up, effectively shortening it by several inches. It only takes a few minutes to spin off the windshield T-screws and flip it over. The last photo on this page shows what that looks like.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, so buy with confidence. Our patented system has been getting rave reviews for years, and now it is available for your KTM 1190 Adventure!

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