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The Husqvarna 701 Nomad R pannier rack
The Husqvarna 701 Nomad R pannier rack
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Our Price: $469.00

Product Code: 701-PANNIER-RACK-NOMAD

Why make a pannier rack?
Most travellers in the market for an enduro bike will opt for soft bags rather than panniers, so why make a pannier rack? Having seen plenty of evidence that soft bags suffer because of exhaust heat and even causes the plastics of the bike to melt to the exhaust despite using heat shields(!) we decided to make a pannier rack for both panniers and soft bags. Despite what manufacturers of soft luggage want you to believe, the best way to fit bags to a bike is via a properly designed frame. They stop the bags from moving, create an air gap between luggage and exhaust and prevent damage to paint and plastics.

Designing a rack for a bike without a subframe
Having said that, there are good arguments to go for hard panniers as well. Especially so when on longer hauls, so we wanted a rack than can do both and do both properly. The Husky presented us with a challenge for the pannier racks though as they are normally fitted to the rear sub frame of a bike, something which the Husky doesn't have. The plastic tank under the seat also functions as the support for the seat and has 4 threaded inserts moulded into it to mount a rack to. While we have no doubt Husqvarna has designed it properly, we didn't want to put any unnecessary stress on it. That's why we designed a frame to Husqvarna weight specifications which projects the forces to the front footrests and divides the remaining equally over all inserts. We also looked at the forces put upon them in a crash and particularly how we could prevent damage to the inserts. After all straightening out a pannier rack after a fall is not that hard to do, but repairing ripped out inserts from the tank is quite another matter. That's why we've build in stress reduction points. The cross brace can be fixed to the upper part of the tail section, allowing the rider to remove the lower part if so desired. It can also be used with a tail tidy.

Made in Holland
The racks are made in Holland, not off-shored to cheap labour countries. Instead we use high quality CNC bending machines for precision and quality. The photos you see here are from the final pre-production version being checked against the 701. The racks will be powder coated. For use with soft luggage we've made a separate pack plate, available here.

Compact design
To allow full rider movement we've tucked-in the twin front down tubes as far as possible. Have a look at the photos on the left, especially the last one, to see what we mean. They are well inside compared to what we found on similar racks. You'll have just as much room around your feet as without the rack. This made for complex bending on the exhaust side but prevents feet getting trapped. The photos of this pre-production model didn’t have the cross-brace fitted yet between the twin down tubes. The production model will. (Sorry can’t make new photos at this stage as the rack is at the mould maker at the moment).
  • Made from 20mm steel tube
  • Pillion footrest mounting plate
  • Powder coated in black or white
  • For panniers and soft luggage (use Nomad Pack plate)
  • Works together with Nomad Pack plate
  • Super strong construction
  • Total rack weight is 5.5 kg

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